They say that a person’s penmanship is an expression of his/her personality. Since it is so, might as well use a pen that fully emphasises your personality. There is no other pen that can give top quality writing than a Parker pen. Established way back in 1888, the company mainly produces various kinds of pens, mainly fountain pens, roller ball point pens, and even pencils. Its quality was never in question thus earning a reputation and a respected sophistication for using a Parker pen.

George Stafford Parker, the company’s founding father, has said time and again “there is always a possibility to create a better pen”, and by that statement, the company has dedicated itself to always improve, and never stop. In terms of the iconic status and ingenuity, Parker pens were one of the first companies to have invented quick drying ink, which eliminated blotting. After a series of experimentations on ink formulae (1021 in total, as stated on their press release), the “Quink” was established and first released.

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Whether you are taking your magnets to a convention where thousands of people will be gathering, or you give them out to customers who walk through your door, printed magnets are an unbelievably effective promotional tool.

Being able to constantly be highly visible to your customers on a daily basis, these magnets typically end up on the refrigerator or many other various places that always seem to be in plain sight.The use of printed magnets are a proven way to get and retain customers!

The use of printed magnets are a proven way to get and retain customers!


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Part of the focus of corporate marketing is to establish brand name recognition that the company is trying to promote. There are many ways to establish brand name recognition, and one of the more unique yet effective ways to support that effort is through unique promotional items. If a potential customer sees an advertisement in a magazine for a company and then looks up to see someone using a umbrella with the company logo on it, then that act helps to reinforce the brand name recognition.umbrellas-1

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Printing on promotional items is the best way to promote brand image and to advertise and market special products and events. Numerous promotional products can be used to maximise business exposure and to get potential customers. Use of branded promotional cosmetics can be a great way to advertise your brand name in a cost effective way. When you decide about gifts for management or incentives for devoted employees, you must ensure that they deliver the same image which you want to deliver regarding company.


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Printed promotional mugs are a great promotional item for businesses to distribute. Many people put tea, coffee or other liquids in these mugs, which provides a great amount of advertisement for your logo, details and slogans that can be printed on these mugs.

Promotional mugs come in many designs and styles. Businesses who are looking for items to distribute that will be thoroughly enjoyed by consumers should consider handing out printed mugs, as these items help consumers enjoy their favourite beverages and will remain in offices on desks for all to see. Many times businesses will use these mugs as an internal business item, which allows employees to also benefit from the use of printed mugs.mugs-1

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Food is universal, and it has been proven that humans are born with a desire for sweets. Promotional sweets have several advantages over other forms of promotional materials. Pens are often ubiquitous offerings, and they can be a poor choice if given away at a business convention where dozens of other companies are also giving them away.

A potential customer who walks past with a bagful of pens will turn down one more. Promotional sweets and chocolates, on the other hand are always appreciated and rarely turned down. People are also more likely to return to you for another sweet after they’ve finished their first!


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Promotional USB flash drives have become an incredibly popular and successful marketing tool. Customised with a company’s name or logo, a printed flash drive makes a fantastic gift. Nearly everyone who uses a computer today needs a USB flash drive these days, and these promotional gifts offer a small, convenient way to store and transport information from your computer to another location.

Students are a large percentage of USB flash drive users, but many other people use them for work or leisure on a daily basis, so you know your USB flash drives will always be put to good use!


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Everywhere you look there is branded promotional clothing imprinted with a company logo, products being advertised by companies from all over the world. Brand names being worn by football players, builders and shop assistants, promotional clothing is everywhere you look. Clothing that is imprinted with some form of advertising is so common you can hardly imagine wearing a T shirt or jacket without a logo branded on the pocket or across the front. Promotional clothing is a form of marketing that has been around for some time now.

People visit places while traveling and expect to be able to pick up a shirt or jacket with the name of a particular place or city on the clothing, which only adds to your marketability. Hats, pants, all types of gifts are used for promotional marketing. Promotional Hats and T shirts are common giveaways for various promotions, and almost everyone enjoys receiving them, the items prove useful and they are generally from a product they approve of.


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Give your customer or client a constant reminder of your business! Ensure that your brand can be featured constantly alongside a tool that you can guarantee we all use every single day! For any industry and any company, the promotional keyring can serve as a fantastic gift that could end up showing you success beyond your expectations.

With a whole section that houses hundreds of promotional keyrings in many different sizes, styles and colours… Fylde Promotional Merchandise can guarantee you will find a keyring to suit your company and it’s next promotion!


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Fylde Promotional Merchandise Lifestyle Promotional Products Your Brand

To give your brand maximum exposure, make sure that your logo is seen all the time with a well-chosen lifestyle promotional product. For anyone receiving a promotional product, it’s more likely to be kept if the branded corporate gift is both practical and useful.

With a dedicated section in their catalogue to eye-catching lifestyle products, Fylde Promotional Merchandise, offer a huge choice, from bags and bottles to ice scrapers and torches, there’s a product to suit any industry or promotion.


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