Brite-Mat Mouse Mat Is A Great Promotional Marketing Tool

A beautifully branded brite-mat mouse mat gets your brand seen every working day by the user. When that user has a need for the service you offer it is likely that they will turn to your business.

Research conducted by the British Promotional Merchandise Association shows that 72% of people that receive a promotional product are likely to do business with that company in the future.

What makes a branded mouse mat the perfect tool is its potential to act as a daily brand reminder to your prospective client. To achieve this we need to ensure that the recipient will like your branded mouse mat over the one they are currently using.

We can achieve this goal by:

1. Great design – Creativity engages the end user, gets your marketing message across and leaves a positive lasting impression of your business.

2. Quality – The branded mousemat you choose needs to be durable and comfortable otherwise it will end up discarded before it’s achieved its goal. The brite mat mouse mat is a perfect choice as it very hardwearing and competitively priced. The brite mat is also the UK’s most popular branded mouse mat making it the choice of the majority throughout the UK.

Shop for your own branded promotional mouse mat.

3. Function – Can you add functionality into your branded mouse mat, something that provides information to the end user so that they have a reason to keep looking at your brand? You could incorporate a calendar into your design, key industry information or a units/measurements conversion chart are just a few examples to bring some functionality into the design of your branded mousemat.


At under £1 per unit branded mouse-mats are a cheap and effective way to get your message across, they are cheap to post and will be well received by the end user.

Do you want to know what ideas we have for your branded brite-mat mouse mat?

Put us to work on your next big event. Call Fylde Promotional Merchandise on 0330 043 18 08 or visit our website which as over 40,000 fantastic promotional products readily available for you to choose from at

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