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Promotional Pens – Daily Brand Reminders

Promotional Pens are still the No.1 promotional giveaway. Why? Promotional Pens are low cost and are highly effective brand reminders that are used daily.

Branded Pens have been used by businesses for decades to promote their products and services and are still just as popular today. You’ve probably received countless Printed Pens over the years and you may be thinking ‘would a Promotional Pen with my brand be a wise investment?’ ‘Would my brand stand out against the other Promotional Pens on my recipients desk?’ ‘How do I make sure that my Branded Pen is the one that gets used frequently?’

If you’re asking these types of questions then I’d say that branded Promotional Pens would be a great investment as you understand what you want your Promotional Pens to do, to act as daily brand reminders so that when the recipient one day decides they need the product or service you offer then your brand will be at the forefront of their minds.

‘How do I make my printed Promotional Pen the pen of choice?’ I hear you ask. Well, we can’t guarantee it, but we can give ourselves the very best chance by following a couple of simple guidelines.

1. Visual Impact – Your Promotional Pens need to be on brand, by that, I mean that the colours, fonts and style used should match your existing branding. Ensure that your visual communication remains consistent, if the design on the Promotional Pens doesn’t match the look of your website then the inconsistency in your marketing will scream ‘amateur’. Besides the branding on your Promotional Pens you should also consider the style of the pen, it should look fantastic, your recipients should WANT to keep it.

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2. Quality – You’d be surprised how often quality gets overlooked when purchasing Promotional Pens. Price remains the No.1 factor when businesses choose a Promotional Pen. In fact this is a mistake and could end up costing those businesses more money in the long run than if they’d considered purchasing a higher quality Promotional Pen. How? Well, let’s for one moment pretend that you’ve just purchased cheap Promotional Pens. They feel as cheap as they cost and you give these promotional pens away to prospective clients.

How will the recipients react to your brand when they find the Promotional Pen they’ve received is cheap, nasty and of poor quality. Those recipients will attach those negative thoughts to your brand and are unlikely to use the Promotional Pen frequently, if at all, and are unlikely to want to purchase from you in the future.

However, spending a little bit more on your Promotional Pens would make all the difference. Choose a Promotional Pen that you yourself would be happy to use on a daily basis. Request samples from your supplier at a similar price point that you’re willing to spend. Then choose a Promotional Pen that delivers on both quality and visual appearance.

To conclude, delivering a branded Promotional Pen that is visually appealing and is of the highest quality you can find within your available budget is the best way to ensure that your brand is represented in the way that it deserves. Ask your Promotional Merchandise Supplier to help you get this right and your recipients will thank you for it. Better than that, they will pick up the phone when they have a need for your products or services making your printed Promotional Pens a great investment.

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