There Is Much To Know About Parker Pens

They say that a person’s penmanship is an expression of his/her personality. Since it is so, might as well use a pen that fully emphasises your personality. There is no other pen that can give top quality writing than a Parker pen. Established way back in 1888, the company mainly produces various kinds of pens, mainly fountain pens, roller ball point pens, and even pencils. Its quality was never in question thus earning a reputation and a respected sophistication for using a Parker pen.

George Stafford Parker, the company’s founding father, has said time and again “there is always a possibility to create a better pen”, and by that statement, the company has dedicated itself to always improve, and never stop. In terms of the iconic status and ingenuity, Parker pens were one of the first companies to have invented quick drying ink, which eliminated blotting. After a series of experimentations on ink formulae (1021 in total, as stated on their press release), the “Quink” was established and first released.

Its innovative formula has been carried up to this day; it has been the foundation of Parker pen inks. And who cannot identify a Parker pen when they see the iconic “arrow clip”. The clip was the inception of the founder’s son, where it was first featured on the company’s Vacumatic pen which was first released in 1933. Though recently it has evolved, the emblem and recognition are still there, making it the most iconic and recognisable pen emblem of all time. The emblem, popularly known as the “arrow clip” established itself as the icon for sophistication, quality and a great writing instrument.

No wonder people like to put Parker pens on their breast pockets – so that the “arrow clip” is easily seen, and they are actually proud of it! Through all of its product innovations, Parker as a company never stopped innovating and developing products.

In 1954, Parker released its first quality ball point pen that is refillable, making it one of the first of its kind and having the highest quality during its inception. Starting from inception, Parker pens has not stopped innovating and improving their product. Now the company has started innovating ergonomic pens, this is in order to make the user feel comfortable writing through their product, and will make them feel like it is just an extension of them when they write. The company has never stopping and will never stop innovating on their writing instruments, and they will absolutely retain their highly regarded status as one of the top writing instruments due to their quality, sophisticated design, ingenuity and usefulness.

They lived on to immortalise their founding father’s statement that there’s always the possibility of improving on the current product, and there’s always room for innovation.

Because of its reputation and its iconic status, it has become one of the most popular products used for promotional merchandise. The “arrow clip”, which is actually easily recognisable even from feet away, creates a level of sophistication for those who use them while writing. Its signature click, once heard, it will be easily recognisable by anyone and know that it is a Parker pen someone is using.

No wonder a printed Parker pen is one of the most popular pieces of promotional merchandise around. And since Parker pens are popular and are actually a high-quality pen, they have a high tendency to be actually used by the user or the individual who has received the promotional merchandise. In this regard, the print on the Parker pen could have more visibility than any other promotional merchandise, making it a potent and effective marketing tool.

The retention of the brand or product printed on a Parker pen is somewhat longer than most promotional merchandise as they tend to be used more or taken out more in the open by those who receive them. After all, using a Parker pen radiates sophistication, and users of these pens are proud and actually tend to use them more compared to other promotional merchandise. Though the kind of investment that needs to be done for this kind of promotional merchandise is probably a bit higher compared to others, its hit rate and effectiveness is definitely higher compared to the others. It is definitely an investment that one will not regret.

All in all, a combination of the brand’s popularity and high quality, topped with the brand’s actual usefulness, makes printed Parker pens the best marketing investment that a company could decide on.

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