Sweeten Up Customers with Promotional Sweets!

Food is universal, and it has been proven that humans are born with a desire for sweets. Promotional sweets have several advantages over other forms of promotional materials. Pens are often ubiquitous offerings, and they can be a poor choice if given away at a business convention where dozens of other companies are also giving them away.

A potential customer who walks past with a bagful of pens will turn down one more. Promotional sweets and chocolates, on the other hand are always appreciated and rarely turned down. People are also more likely to return to you for another sweet after they’ve finished their first!


Many times person is more likely to grab a handful of promotional sweets rather than just one or two, and with a pocketful of sweets or chocolates, that person is more likely to share them with others, spreading the name of your business. You can choose the sweet you wish to offer to your customers, and in doing so, you can target your audience.

Promotional Sweets from Fylde Promotional Merchandise

Unlike simple business cards, promotional sweets and chocolates are more likely to be shared by friends and colleagues. More people who partake of your business’ promotional sweets, the more who will see your company logo on the promotional sweets’ wrappers. When your sweets are shared with others, you are reaching people you might not otherwise influence. This increases the effectiveness of your advertising budget when you devote some of it to promotional sweets with your company’s brand.

The manner in which people remember your company’s name is influenced by the promotional products you offer. A dying pen or a broken pencil will not give a favourable last impression, but promotional mints for example will linger on the tongue and echo with sweet memories which are not likely to be forgotten.

By offering personalised sweets to your customers, you will associate in their minds your business with something which they enjoy. This positive association will be remembered long after the sweet is gone. This makes sweets one of the best options for those looking to spread their company to more people. Promotional sweets and chocolates are guaranteed to be enjoyed by almost everyone!

Help us sweeten up your prospective customers and clients, call Fylde Promotional Merchandise on 0330 043 18 08 or visit our website at www.fyldepm.co.uk to choose from a huge selection of fantastic gifts!

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