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Printing on promotional items is the best way to promote brand image and to advertise and market special products and events. Numerous promotional products can be used to maximise business exposure and to get potential customers. Use of branded promotional cosmetics can be a great way to advertise your brand name in a cost effective way. When you decide about gifts for management or incentives for devoted employees, you must ensure that they deliver the same image which you want to deliver regarding company.


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Printed promotional mugs are a great promotional item for businesses to distribute. Many people put tea, coffee or other liquids in these mugs, which provides a great amount of advertisement for your logo, details and slogans that can be printed on these mugs.

Promotional mugs come in many designs and styles. Businesses who are looking for items to distribute that will be thoroughly enjoyed by consumers should consider handing out printed mugs, as these items help consumers enjoy their favourite beverages and will remain in offices on desks for all to see. Many times businesses will use these mugs as an internal business item, which allows employees to also benefit from the use of printed mugs.mugs-1

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Food is universal, and it has been proven that humans are born with a desire for sweets. Promotional sweets have several advantages over other forms of promotional materials. Pens are often ubiquitous offerings, and they can be a poor choice if given away at a business convention where dozens of other companies are also giving them away.

A potential customer who walks past with a bagful of pens will turn down one more. Promotional sweets and chocolates, on the other hand are always appreciated and rarely turned down. People are also more likely to return to you for another sweet after they’ve finished their first!


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Promotional USB flash drives have become an incredibly popular and successful marketing tool. Customised with a company’s name or logo, a printed flash drive makes a fantastic gift. Nearly everyone who uses a computer today needs a USB flash drive these days, and these promotional gifts offer a small, convenient way to store and transport information from your computer to another location.

Students are a large percentage of USB flash drive users, but many other people use them for work or leisure on a daily basis, so you know your USB flash drives will always be put to good use!


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Everywhere you look there is branded promotional clothing imprinted with a company logo, products being advertised by companies from all over the world. Brand names being worn by football players, builders and shop assistants, promotional clothing is everywhere you look. Clothing that is imprinted with some form of advertising is so common you can hardly imagine wearing a T shirt or jacket without a logo branded on the pocket or across the front. Promotional clothing is a form of marketing that has been around for some time now.

People visit places while traveling and expect to be able to pick up a shirt or jacket with the name of a particular place or city on the clothing, which only adds to your marketability. Hats, pants, all types of gifts are used for promotional marketing. Promotional Hats and T shirts are common giveaways for various promotions, and almost everyone enjoys receiving them, the items prove useful and they are generally from a product they approve of.


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Fylde Promotional Merchandise Lifestyle Promotional Products Your Brand

To give your brand maximum exposure, make sure that your logo is seen all the time with a well-chosen lifestyle promotional product. For anyone receiving a promotional product, it’s more likely to be kept if the branded corporate gift is both practical and useful.

With a dedicated section in their catalogue to eye-catching lifestyle products, Fylde Promotional Merchandise, offer a huge choice, from bags and bottles to ice scrapers and torches, there’s a product to suit any industry or promotion.


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Bagging The Market

Promotional printed bags are a fantastic way of getting your brand seen and at Fylde Promotional Merchandise we have a wide range of promotional bags designed for every occasion. From eco-friendly shoppers to budget friendly drawstring bags, trendy rucksacks to high quality document bags, we have something for every promotion and every budget!

The 100% cotton shopper is our bestselling promotional bag. It offers a huge branding area for your logo and fantastic eco credentials, perfect for CSR campaigns. Plus, it’s made from high quality 5oz 100% woven cotton for great durability, while still offering amazing value for money.

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Ripple Aquaplast Pink Curvy Ballpen

Promotional Pens are still the No.1 promotional giveaway. Why? Promotional Pens are low cost and are highly effective brand reminders that are used daily.

Branded Pens have been used by businesses for decades to promote their products and services and are still just as popular today. You’ve probably received countless Printed Pens over the years and you may be thinking ‘would a Promotional Pen with my brand be a wise investment?’ ‘Would my brand stand out against the other Promotional Pens on my recipients desk?’ ‘How do I make sure that my Branded Pen is the one that gets used frequently?’

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Simply Schools Promotional Merchandise Collection

Branded promotional products are a fantastic way to promote your school, college or university to both parents and prospective students.

With our FREE Simply Schools Collection PDF Brochure, you’ll find a great selection of promotional merchandise that can be branded with your emblem or crest, all at budget-friendly prices. The free downloadable brochure has been designed for ease of use, with clearly marked sections.

Desk essentials section has everything your students will need for the academic year, from promotional pens and branded rulers to brandable calculators and printed writing pads.

Promote Your School With Simply Schools Collection From Fylde Promotional Merchandise

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Top 5 Promotional Products

The Top 5 Promotional Products are a great way to gain constant brand exposure with your target audience. Promotional Products that recipients find useful have a greater longevity than non useful items. They are less likely to be discarded soon after they are received.

At Fylde Promotional Merchandise we bring you new research conducted by the British Promotional Merchandise Association. The research shows which are the Top 5 Promotional Products. You should be using one of the Top 5 in your next promotional products campaign.

A number of business owners, directors, managers and executives were asked which promotional products they had on their desk right now.

The response below shows that Pens, Mugs, Calendars, Post-it-Notes and Notebooks are the most popular items.


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